Sunday, September 15, 2013

Meatless Monday

     I'm excited to participate for the first time in the Meatless Monday blog hop, hosted by Stephanie at The Recipe Renovator  If you haven't heard about Meatless Monday, you can get the low-down here. Yesterday, I made the official pledge on the MM website to go meatless one day per week. I have made this choice because I want to do something that is helpful to our planet, our animal friends, and my own body. Something about the pledge energizes me, I love knowing that this simple act of going meatless for one day per week will make such an important difference; and imagine if I go meatless even more days per week than that. I often do, so that is making an even bigger difference. Yay for a healthy planet, healthy body, and happy animals!

     For some it might seem hard to wrap their heads around making a balanced meatless meal. It's really not hard at all though, I find that tossing some beans, nuts, or tofu into a dish is an easy way to meet protein needs. Not only that, but I have read several reports that a healthy plant based diet with plenty of whole grains actually provides all the necessary protein requirements.

     Below is a recipe that is super easy, quite cheap, and can easily be "beefed" up (bad pun) by tossing in some beans or nuts, both would be nice additions.

Easy Spinach Spiral with Tomatoes and Chard

1 lb. Spinach spiral pasta
1 bunch Swiss Chard

1-2 mid sized tomatoes

2 Tbs Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Salt and Pepper to taste (optional)

  1. Prepare pasta, set aside.
  2. Coarsely chop chard. Slice tomatoes into chunks and set aside.
  3. Heat olive oil over medium heat. Add chard and saute until just wilted and tender.
  4. When chard is nearly done, toss tomatoes in just until heated but still nice and fresh.
  5. Add salt and pepper then toss veggies in with pasta.
Serve immediately as a side to a salad and/or meat substitute, or as a main dish tossed with slivered almonds, or garbonzo or white beans.

See, wasn't that easy?

Bon Appetit!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Candied Sweet Potato Fries

     A few weeks ago, while searching for a quick yoga workout on Yogi Tara Stiles' YouTube channel, I came across a video (see below) of Tara sharing her recipe for Candied Sweet Potato Fries. All I can say is YUM-O! I found these to be a delicious between-meal snack that were plenty filling, the next time I made them I used them as a side to compliment my quinoa, kale, and tofu stir-fry. Give 'em a try, they are delish! As a side note, feel free to play around with the recipe and don't stress if the exact ingredients aren't in your cupboard. I had agave syrup and olive oil on hand, so I swapped them out for the maple syrup and coconut oil. Also check Tara's yoga videos, they are a great way to sneak 10 minutes of mat time into your day.


Wednesday, February 27, 2013

We're Back!!

     A few months ago, Deirdre and I were feeling a little overwhelmed with the combination of the holidays and keeping up with posts on two (or three in Deirdre's case, see here) blogs. We loved all the blogs but felt it was a good time to cut back for awhile. Thus we took a break from our yumm-eriffic foodie blog Aliment and put our energy full force into our baby, Ladies Holiday.

     With the end of the year holiday season and the new year bustle behind us, we feel ready to share some more delicious goodness with you here. We may not be back to our thrice a week schedule for awhile, but we hope to share with you weekly nonetheless. Today we start off simple with a foodie post that is also being shared on Ladies Holiday.

Tamar & Deirdre

Every once in awhile, we ladies find it fun to participate in 
What I Ate Wednesday (WIAW.) 
This nifty blog hop is hosted by the lovely Jenn over at Peas and Crayons.
As some of you may remember, I started the new year off with the gentle, yet oh-so-effective
Adventure Cleanse, as found in the pages of Wellness Warrior
Kris Carr's sparkle-tastic health-eriffic book Crazy Sexy Diet.
Since participating in the 21-day cleanse I have been able to maintain this 
cleaner lifestyle in regard to what I put in my belly on a daily basis and 
I have found that I feel 
lighter, more energetic, more focused, and generally 
than I have in a long, long time. 
Now that is really something to rave about! 
Here I share a glimpse into what my dishes are filled with 
on a regular ol' day, but you'll see that it is not in the least boring.

Ladies Holiday, copyright 2013
Brekkie: I usually start my morning with green juice followed by a protein and produce packed smoothie, this sticks with me until lunch. Picture here, a blend of freshly juiced carrots and oranges, half an avocado, almond milk, and my favorite protein powder mix.

Lunch: I combined leftover quinoa from last night's dinner with sautéed kale and tofu. I topped it off with some delicious vegan cheddar, and sliced up the other half of my avocado on the side with a bit of lime juice and s&p on top.

Dinner: Oooh my mouth is watering at the memory. Vegan enchiladas: white basmati rice (although I usually use brown) mixed with lime juice and cilantro. Vegetarian refried beans. Vegan Daiya brand Monteray Jack cheese. Fresh tomatoes. All wrapped up in Trader Joe's brand habenjaro lime tortilla and smothered in enchilad sauce. Yum yum yum!!!

What foods make you feel sparkly and truly alive?

Bon Appetit!

Monday, October 8, 2012


Hello dear Aliment readers ~

Tamar and I are taking a wee hiatus from Aliment and food blogging. We absolutely love posting and writing about our culinary escapades, but our respective schedules are such that Aliment has to get put on the back burner for the time being. We will be back and are always to be found over on Ladies Holiday. In the meantime please join us there and check here back in a few. Thank you for your understanding and support.

Bon Appetit,
Deirdre & Tamar

Friday, October 5, 2012

Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution

Source: via Michelle on Pinterest
For several years now Jamie Oliver (celebrity chef) has been campaigning, first in his native Great Britain, and now here in the US for improved school lunches (and breakfasts where provided.)
I was a hot lunch kid, I remember standing in line for my green tickets, not the yellow ones which were reserved for paying families, nope I was one of millions of children who eat subsidized school lunch every year. Sometimes it was the best or only meal I ate all day. So it follows that school cafeterias provide a substantial amount of food, whether it is nutritious or not to our nation's children. The children who are the future, our future as we age they will be the ones leading, maintaining our infrastructure, teaching and so on. Or not considering obesity and the related ailments are higher than ever in children in the United States. Click here to gain a better understanding of the school lunch program.
I grew up and had the good fortune to taste real food, fresh food from the earth. When I returned to the cafeteria with my own children I was appalled at what I had eaten (it was much the same, chop suey anyone?) and what was being offered my kids.
I joke that I'm a food snob, but I'm not, I just require  prefer to provide and consume wholesome food as close as possible to its natural state as the staples in my diet. Cookie butter on occasion, but after I know that I've had a few square meals under my belt. Food is meant to be fun and pleasurable, but out of the food eaten over the course of the week it is made up of mostly whole grains, greens, fresh veggies, fruit, nuts, seeds, beans with the occasional organic dairy item.
So what my kids, what our kids eat, is important to me so I just on board with Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution and you can too!
Click here for the site and to educate yourself, your school system and your community. You won't find any "Go-Go Juice" on this menu.
I encourage parents and people who care to work in your community to make it clear that what we eat matters and why and the positive impact it has, not only on our bodies and health, but on local agriculture, businesses and the future.
Bon Appetit,

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

WIAW~Tamar Learns Her Lesson

     As we do every Wednesday here on Aliment, today it's my turn to participate in the fun of "What I Ate Wednesday" (WIAW), a nifty blog hop hosted by the yummy-maker, Jenn over at Peas and Crayons. So here goes...

                                                                                            Source: via lokalty on Pinterest

     Whoever said, "Life is short, eat dessert first" wasn't very smart...wait, I think that was Mark Twain, he was pretty smart and pretty awesome. Ok, fine, the idea isn't all bad...but I learned that for me, eating dessert first might be a bad idea. Why? Because if I'm hungry for a meal and I eat dessert first, then I'm much more likely to eat a larger portion of the sweet stuff than my belly can handle. If you've been following us for awhile then you'll know that my body doesn't respond well to too many sweets, but the other night I took Twain's advice and learned a lesson in moderation.

Let's start with the night before...

 The culprit: Raspberry Shortcake (it was so stinkin' good.)
Should've stopped there...or not inhaled the whole thing in 90 seconds flat.
This was followed by dinner...which was a turkey burger patty, topped with a slice of meunster cheese and a dollop of dijon mustard. Yummy, but no picture. 

Maybe it was just a bad combo, 
or maybe I should've eaten a real dinner followed 
by a smaller portion of the above shortcake. 
Either way, next morning I awoke with a stomach ache!!
I felt like I had a hangover, nausea, slight headache, and just...blahhhh; 
but no alcohol had been consumed, then I remembered dessert.

I felt like I needed a gentle and clean start to my day, which lead to
this very kind breakfast:

Two tall glasses of water and a juicy nectarine later, 
I was feeling less wobbly and my belly was on the mend. 
I was ready for lunch by 11am:

Mmmm. Sprouted grain bread filled with:
Sliced Fuji apples
One slice of Meunster cheese (one of my faves!)
3 thin slices of Applegate Farms Turkey Bologna
Baby Spinach
Dijon Mustard

My belly said "Thank you, I'm back to normal now!"

Tonight, a healthy dinner first...then maybe just a spoonful of Cookie Butter. :)

What's the tastiest thing you've eaten this week?

Whatever it was or will be...
Bon Appetit!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Make-at-Home Yogurt Drink

What kid doesn't love a yummy yogurt drink? Yogurt drinks are fun, often portable, and full of tummy friendly probiotics. My beef with the store bought brands though, is that even the organic all natural brands are often packed full of sugar. One I bought not to long ago had a whopping 25 grams of sugar in one small bottle!

I got the following idea from my smarty pants Mama friend, Seana. Making my own yogurt drink at home is easy, cost effective, and I control the contents! I use whole milk, whole milk plain yogurt, all natural juice (just a splash) with no sugar added and a tiny bit of agave. There are all natural, chemical free food colorings you can buy at Whole Foods too if your little one would appreciate a little fun color too. My tot, Violet loves this drink in a spill proof cup with straw. Easy peasy!

Aliment, Copyright 2012
Vi also likes this because she can feed herself, which she loves to do...and I like it because she doesn't quite have the dexterity for spoon feeding herself drippy droppy yogurt yet. 

What little tricks do you use to make your own versions of more sugary store-bought items?

Bon Appetit!